Marketing Material



There are 3 awareness roller banners which can be strategically placed around your building the week leading up to your Bin the Bin launch day.

  1. Describes the benefits of Bin the Bin
  2. Shows the bin options and what can go in each one
  3. Highlights the problems with plastic



We also offer launch date diamonds, which can be in a digital format to be used to send out internally to staff, or they can be printed as a flyer type to be placed on staff desks and on notice boards.



The posters are placed around the building a month before the launch and can be interchanged each week with a new style and message to help generate interest and awareness of the Bin the Bin campaign.


Videos are available to show in key locations on your site (see them on our website) They will enlighten staff about the issues covered throughout the campaign.

London Recycling staff will help you market the idea to staff and be available to answer questions regarding the campaign.

General Information
  • General Information
  • A long video designed to show the benefit produced by recycling as a series of easily digestible and illustrated facts
  • Play
We Love Plastic Bags
Know Your Bin
  • Know Your Bin
  • A brief video showing the content that can be placed in the different recycling bins in the Bin the Bin scheme
  • Play